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Control The Things That You Can

Control The Things That You Can

Control The Things That You CanControl The Things That You CanControl The Things That You Can

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Protecting Your Family & Business


Weather is life insurance to protect your loved ones, or key-employee / buy-sell agreements, life insurance packages help you and your loved ones continue their daily activities without financial interruption.

Protecting Your Future


Retirement plans and saving plans are  important to enjoy your future retirement.  As health insurance costs and the cost of living continues to increase, you want to ensure your retirement plans are doing the same.  Let's talk about your plans for retirement.

Importance of Review


Life changes daily.  Things may not be the same from one year to the next.  That is why on-going review of your insurance portfolio is important.  Don't let an unexpected accident happen without being covered.

Commercial Packages


Some businesses may see an increase in production or sales during special times of the year.  Make sure your policy includes increase in sales coverage and Loss of Income during special times.  It may be summer time,  holidays or seasonal.  

Have you made any changes?


Is your family growing?  Did you purchase a new home or made improvements?  Have you opened a new business location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? 

Let us know to update your insurance package.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Questions about home insurance

Questions about life insurance

Questions about commercial vs personal lines policies